Judaism, Israel, Jewish culture, history & all the nuance in between.

Jewish Original Media (JOM) is a digital content creation, education, and entertainment platform.

We are the umbrella brand for @onthisdayinjewishistory, @dailyjewish, and the Two Tall Jews Show podcast.

The former seeks to educate our audience about Jewish history through recognition and commemoration of daily events of the Jewish past and present on social media. Meanwhile, The Two Tall Jews Show podcast is a space where we engage in conversations beyond the social media pages with a wide range of guests from scholars and rabbis to social media influencers, life coaches, and comedians. ​

Jewish Original Media seeks to fill the void within Jewish education that lies in the lack of contextual knowledge.

We aim to fill this void by transforming educational practices and usher in new modes to focus on aspects of often-overlooked Jewish history for Jewish educators, historians, influencers, and others to amplify and educate. ​

We are here to dive deeper into the aspects, dates, concepts, people, places, and opinions about Judaism and Jewish history. ​

- Meyer & Isaac