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Beginning of Chmielnicki Pogroms, 1648

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: May 25th, 1648.



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Today, we mark what many consider to be the beginning of Chmielnicki Pogroms that began in Polish-ruled Ukraine in 1648 until 1650. . .

Pictured here is Bogdan Chmielnicki. Chmielnicki was the leader of this “Cossack and peasant uprising" and considered responsible for the most atrocious, organized attack on European Jewry until the Holocaust. . .

Chmielnicki and his band of Cossacks were hellbent on extinguishing the Jewish presence in the region. The Jews that did not escape or “join the Polish army of Wisniowiecki” were savagely killed. Some Jews converted to Christianity while others were captured by the Tatars and sold as slaves. . .

Nemirov (then a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) was the sight of the first mass slaughter where the Cossacks, dressed as Polish soldiers killed roughly six thousand Jews, drowning hundreds of others. The Jews were slaughtered by butcher knife in the local synagogue, skin flayed and torn off their bodies, babies pulled out of wombs. . .

After this came the Polish city of Tulchin (Polish-Lithuanian) which fell in June when the Poles gave up their Jews to rebel forces in exchange for their lives being spared. . .

There is documented history detailing Jewish resistance upon mandatory evacuation of the Nemirov fortress. All Jews living in the towns that bordered Belorussia were slaughtered. It is estimated that over 100,000 Jews were killed from 1648-1650. Today we remember this horror that befell the Jewish people and ensure the memory of these 100,000+ is never lost. . . .


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