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Birthday of Herman Grossman, 1931

On This Day in Jewish History: December 13, 1931



#onthisday, 1931, Herman Grossman is born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia. By the time he was 12, he would be on his way to Auschwitz destined for extermination. Find out his story of survival and perseverance here 👆🏽


Thank you to Hannah Grossman at the @grossmanproject for the opportunity to share Herman's story. Nothing gives the proper weight to Holocaust Remembrance like the personal story of someone like Herman.


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Working on this post has inspired us to start a series called "Jewish Survival Stories" for anyone to share their personal or family's story of Jewish survival. We expect most submissions to be stories from the Holocaust, but please don't hesitate to share any story from anywhere and any background.


No time like Channukah to begin celebrating our People's blessed ability to survive and prosper - the more we share, the more pride we'll have, the stronger we'll be.


✍🏽: @grossmanproject


Source: https://journalisthannah.com/hermangrossman/


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