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Birthday of Rena Galibova, 1915

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: May 24th, 1915



Another happy birthday to opera singer, actress, and ballet dancer: Rena Galibova. Rena was of Bukharian Jewish descent and spent her childhood years in Tashenkt, Uzbekistan. Through and by the end of her career, Rena was labeled the "People’s Artist of Tajikistan"


Starting her career at 13 alongside her father who was a theatrical producer, Rena received all the education she needed. By 18, she was invited to work on Tashenkt Radio where she was able to work with top Uzbek and Bukharian artists. . .

Rena went on to have a successful career during WW2 and afterwards throughout the USSR despite her Jewish background - at one point even allegedly impressing Stalin. At the age of 80, Rena passed away in 1995 in Boston and was buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Queens, NY - her gravestone reading "Honored Artist of Tajikistan" .


If you'd like to listen to some of her songs, check out the link in the bio!





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