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Birthday of Sir Nicholas Winton, 1909

On This Day in Jewish History: May 19th, 1909 https://www.instagram.com/p/CAYKKaeAUgL/


Imagine being a child, put on a train and never seeing your parents again. Imagine escaping death and for 50 years not knowing the person that saved your life. .

Today, we mark the birthday of Sir Nicholas Winton who singlehandedly saved 669 children, the vast majority of whom were Jewish, from the horrors of the Holocaust. .

Sir Winton was a British born stockbroker of German-Jewish descent who became troubled by the reports coming out of Czechoslavakia in 1939. Immigration was closed off to the region, and nothing was being done about the children trying to survive. .

Winton soldiered on, working as a stock brother by day and dealing with British government by night. Eventually, Britain agreed to take the children, but only on the condition that Winton find homes for each one of them. For this, he sent around their photographs, hoping to find families that would accept them. He did it.

The first twenty children left Prague on March 14, 1939. Seven trains traveled from Prague and through Germany between that spring and summer, transporting over 600 children to Holland, followed by a ferry to the coast of England, and then a train to London. .


There were plans

for an eighth train to make the same journey and carry another 250 children to safety. As the train was set to depart on September 1st - the day war broke out - that train never left the station and those children didnt survive. In total 1 million Jewish children were lost in the Holocaust. . . . .

It wasn’t until the BBC looked into and reported Winton’s heroic efforts, reuniting him with some of the children he saved, fifty years later that the world learned of his heroism. .

In 2016, at the age of 106, Sir Winton passed away. .

Check out the link in bio to see the incredible moment where the children Sir Winton saved met him as adults.

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