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Ha'aretz Newspaper is Founded, 1919

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: June 18th, 1919 ◀️📰 https://www.instagram.com/p/CBliSInlyK9/



Israel's oldest running journalistic publication, Ha'aretz (The Land), is established in Jerusalem by a group of businessmen including Zionist leader and philanthropist, Isaac Leib Goldberg (on the right, 1st image)


Known for its left-wing and liberal leaning stances on domestic & foreign issues, Ha'aretz continues to be a major piece of journalistic publication in Israel & abroad today. .


The paper would quickly move its operations to Tel Aviv and by the 30's, be associated with the General Zionist party while working to avoid being obviously partisan. In 1935, Solomon Shocken, a German Jew fleeing the Nazis, would buy the rights to the paper. Shocken was highly active in Brit Shalom, an organization supporting peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs. His son, Gershom Shocken, would become editor in chief in 1939 and hold the position until he passed away in 1990. .


Ha'aretz has been described as vehemently anti-settlement, supportive of the 'weaker elements' of Israeli society, "pro-peace", and "Israel's liberal beacon". There have been criticisms over their editorial pieces and many of those on staff are widely known in Israel for their left-leaning opinions. @haaretzcom HQ can still be found on Shocken St. in Southern Tel Aviv, circulating about 72,000 papers a day, publishing in both English & Hebrew on paper and online. .

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