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Jewish Telegraphic Agency is Founded, 1917

On This Day in Jewish History: February 6, 1917


On this day, 1917, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was founded. JTA is a nonprofit news organization that focuses on reporting information affecting Jewish communities worldwide. It also supplies news to various media outlets from its headquarters in New York. JTA’s site is featured in both English and Hebrew, appealing to Jews across all branches and political backgrounds..

. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, initially named the Jewish Correspondence Bureau, was started up in The Hague by journalist Jacob Landau. During WWI, the organization focused on news affecting Jewish communities within Europe. After the war ended, Landau brought it to London, where it assumed its current name. In 1922, the JTA opened New York City headquarters and within three years had been subscribed to by over 400 newspapers. The JTA also inspired the Overseas News Agency, created in 1940, which gave British spies press credentials and supplied fake news. That agency was ultimately terminated and its funding stream, composed of the British intelligence service MI6, was discovered.


The JTA aims to cover news while omitting all potential biases. It receives its news from various major cities in America, Israel, Russia, and Australia, among other countries. Historically, the organization has been able to diversify and improve the news reported by Jewish media sources that it supports. In addition to focusing on current events, the JTA also explores modern Jewish culture.


Together with MyJewishLearning, a popular online Jewish cultural site, the JTA formed 70 Faces Media in 2015. The media group now represents multiple Judaism-oriented digital sites, while the JTA continues to provide over 70 major clients with reliable news pertaining to the Jewish community.


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