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Operation Protective Edge Begins, 2014

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: July 8th, 2014




Operation Protective Edge began #onthisday. Tzuk Eitan in Hebrew, was a fifty-day operation by Israel into Gaza in response to the barrage of rockets fired by Hamas into Israel from the Gaza Strip and the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas the month before (June 12th post).


Over the course of 26 days, from June 12 until July 7, around 300 rockets were shot from Gaza at southern Israeli towns. This commenced Operation Protective Edge to protect Israeli citizens.

Stage one: July 8-17 where Israel launched targeted air raids on weapon storage locations and Hamas leaders. During this time, Hamas fired over 1500 rockets at Israeli citizens.


The first short-lived ceasefire was on July 15th, but Hamas rejected it and soon after continued shooting rockets at Israel. On July 17th, Israel began Stage 2 which involved ground attacks into Gaza to destroy the tunnels which Hamas has dug underground in order to infiltrate Israel.


The IDF found tunnel entrances in schools, mosques, and private civilian homes in Gaza and exits under Israeli homes and kibbutz dining halls inside Southern Israel.

On August 5th, Israel accepted the second Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement and withdrew their ground forces. Hamas violated this agreement as well. There was a respite in rockets from August 10-19 with additional launches until August 26 when a final ceasefire was put into place.


During the 50 day conflict, over 4,700 rockets were fired into Israel. The Iron Dome intercepted around 600, including ones which were aimed as far as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Ben Gurion Airport. Most of the rockets shot at Israel landed in open land and around 200 never made it over the border and fell into Gaza itself. The conflict resulted in thousands of civilian deaths on the Gazan side who were used as human shields, over 750 terrorists killed, 66 fallen IDF soldiers, 6 Israeli civilians and millions in damages.



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