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Passing of Rabbi Shlomo "Rashi" Yitzchak, 1105 (4865)

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: Hebrew Calendar Alert - 29th of Tammuz, 4865 (July 20th, 1105)




Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, aka Rashi, passed away #onthisday. Rashi is the most famous Jewish commentator on the Torah and is also responsible for extensive commentary on the entire Babylonian Talmud.


Rashi was born in Troyes, France before he left home to study at a yeshiva in Worms, Germany. When he returned home at the age of 25, he continued to study and was elected Rabbi of Troyes. Instead of receiving a wage from the town, he worked in his family’s vineyard and began writing commentary on the Torah.


He founded a yeshiva in Troyes and thousands of students came to learn from him. He lived through the First Crusades and watched his friends and family murdered by Crusaders on their murderous path to the Holy Land. This influenced his commentary. He passed away at the age of 65 #onthisday due to health problems in Troyes.


Rashi’s commentary became famous due to his synthesis of both literal and drash (form of Biblical exegesis) interpretations of the Torah. He uses simple language to explain the meanings of words while including both classic Rabbinic readings and his own interpretations.


His easy to read style and conciseness led to his writings spreading all over Northern Europe during his lifetime. His sons and grandsons expanded on his teachings and his commentary also influenced many commentaries and books written throughout Jewish History.


Rashi’s commentary on the Torah was printed in 1475 and is believed to be the first Hebrew book ever printed. Since the 1520’s, all Babylonian Talmuds have been published with Rashi's commentary in the margins. Rashi’s Biblical commentary extended even past the Jewish community and was translated into Latin and German.



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