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Rabbi Chaim Ben Attar Passes Away, 1743

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: July 7th, 1743




The sage, kabbalist and prominent Rabbi Chaim ben Attar (z"l) aka the Or ha-Hayyim passes away #onthisday in Jerusalem, 1743.


The Or ha-Hayyim was born in Meknes, Morrocco in 1696 and to this day, is considered one of the most prominent Rabbis to come from the North African nation and the Jewish Nation as a whole. He began to be referred to as the Or ha-Hayyim which translates as "Light of Life" after the publication of his famous commentary on the Torah and Talmud, by the same title.


In 1733, he made his way to Jerusalem which was controlled by the Ottoman Empire at the time. On his way, he made multiple stops; received with immense honor wherever he went. Most significantly, in places like Livorno, Italy where a Yeshiva (house of Torah learning) was established in his name. Many of the pupils from this school would go on to rise to prominent levels of study while also providing him with the funds to print the Or ha-Hayyim text itself.


By 1742, he finally reached Jerusalem where he settled at the Beit Midrash Knesset Yisrael yeshiva. About a year after arriving in the Holy Land, Rabbi Chaim ibn Attar passed away and is to this day, buried in the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.



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