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Seinfeld Airs its First Episode, 1989

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On This Day in Jewish History: July 5th, 1989




NBC sitcom television series, Seinfeld, a show "about nothing", airs its first episode #onthisday as "The Seinfeld Chronicles".


Created by comedy and Jewish Humor legends Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the show is centered around a fictionalized version of Seinfeld, his group of friends and their hilarious interactions with the world around them.


The cast of friends includes Jason Alexander (George Consanza), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes), and Micheal Richards (Cosmo Kramer) while the show is primarily set in Jerry's apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest comedies, if not sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld broke the mold of what comedy on TV should look like. Mostly in part to Larry David's refusal to allow for a predictable sitcom formulas. Formulas such as the romantic relationship between Jerry and Elaine that never truly was or the "archnemesis" in Wayne Knight's character, Newman, who never truly was "evil", rather the writers chose to make fun of the fact that his character thought he was.


With an emphasis on irony, "randomness" and unfortunate coincidence, the plots would unfold into hilarious scenes that would go down in history as some of the most memorable in television history. From the first episode #onthisday to the "reunion" on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld remains the epitome of creative display of humor on screen.



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