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The Tribe

On This Day in Jewish History and the Two Tall Jews Show address a variety of topics surrounding Jewish identity, history, education, and tradition. Here, you'll see featured members of the tribe with their latest articles, graphics, videos, and/or podcast episodes. Check us out on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


The Future of Jewish Education

We aim to provide the necessary historical context to know why the Jewish People are where we are today through the complete holistic lens of Jewish history. We hope that through our work, we can instill the inspiration and education for the next generation.


Unapologetically Zionist

We believe in the Jewish People's liberation movement and right for self-determination in our ancestral homeland. Zionism is a modern realization of an ancient Jewish longing for Zion / Jerusalem / Land of Israel - it has and continues to shape the identity of Jews all over the world. Inherently, Zionism does not exclude other peoples from taking part in the liberation. It is a project that albeit not perfect has yielded of one of the most multicultural and blossoming regions in the Middle East.